Qualified Instructor Certification Program


Tai Chi (the universally accepted abbreviated name for Tai Chi Chuan and Taijiquan) is now considered an essential offering in a well-balanced fitness program.

Recognition of Tai Chi’s many benefits has created an unprecedented demand for teachers. Gyms, schools, hospital outpatient and wellness programs and community centers are actively searching for Tai Chi instructors who can provide a certificate of competency to teach Tai Chi.

The Qualified Instructor Certification Program has been created to satisfy the demand for capable instructors who can conduct authentic Yang Family 16 Form Tai Chi classes that preserve the essential and unique elements that make Tai Chi a valuable fitness practice.

QICP Curriculum and Certification Process

The initial phase of the process, QICP Part I, carries a minimum requirement of 40 credit hours. The QICP curriculum comprises four equally weighted areas:

1. Practical study of the Yang Family 16 Form, including supplemental exercises.
2. Tai Chi history and theory
3. Essentials of practice techniques and body mechanics specific to Tai Chi.
4. Teaching methods and classroom organization.

The final phase of the certification process, QICP Part II, is the examination process conducted at authorized Yang Family Tai Chi Centers. This three-part exam requires a passing score in all three sections:

1. Solo Yang Family 16 Form test.
2. Written test.
3. 45 minute practical teaching test.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I enroll in QICP?

QICP will be introduced at the 2014 International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium at Spalding University, July 6 – 11. Symposium attendees can enroll in QICP Part I as an additional option when they register to attend the Symposium. This enrollment allows them to earn credits for attending Symposium workshops, lectures, practice sessions, and to attend special classes that are only for QICP candidates.

Following the Symposium, QICP Part II examinations will be conducted at authorized locations in North and South America, Europe and Asia. QICP Part I and II will be offered as an on-going official certification program at these authorized centers following the 2014 Symposium.

Who can enroll in QICP?

Tai Chi enthusiasts, fitness professionals, physical education teachers, therapists, anyone who has an interest in earning an entry level certification to teach the Yang Family 16 Form.

How much will it cost to enroll in QICP Part I at the 2014 Symposium?

Total enrollment fee is $120.00 ($130.00 for late enrollment). This fee includes:

$30 QICP enrollment
$20 QICP official credit ledger
$70 QICP practical and pedagogical classes just for QICP candidates*
(*Special 25% discount in standard QICP credit hour fees for Symposium attendees.)

What will be my total Symposium cost if I enroll in QICP, Part I?

Fees will be charged according to the registration deadlines:

$650.00 Symposium tuition + $120.00 QICP = $770.00
$700.00 Symposium tuition + $120.00 QICP = $820.00
$750.00 Symposium tuition + $120.00 QICP = $870.00
Late registration: $800.00 Symposium tuition + $130.00 QICP = $930.00

What if I can’t attend all the 2014 Symposium events but I want to enroll in QICP Part I?

The credits you earn by attending Symposium events and classes will be recorded in your official QICP credit ledger and will all be transferable as Part I curriculum credits when you enroll at an authorized center to complete QICP Part I requirements. You will earn QICP credits only for events you actually attend at the Symposium. Your attendance must be recorded in your credit ledger by QICP monitors present at all Symposium classes and events.

A complete QICP credit listing for all Symposium events can be found on the Symposium website.

What if I am attending on a One-Day Pass?

Candidates who purchase one or more One-Day Passes are allowed to enroll in the QICP for $120 (full fee, not prorated) and are entitled to earn QICP credits for whatever hours they attend.

How do I complete QICP Part II and what will it cost?

After satisfying the QICP Part I 40 credit hour minimum, you may apply for QICP Part II, the examination process, at an authorized testing location.

The complete list of authorized examination centers will be available soon on the Symposium website.

Application for QICP, Part II, costs $200.00 and includes:

1. Testing: practical solo form test, written test, 45 minute teaching test.
2. Qualified Instructor Certificate for candidates who pass all 3 parts of the testing process.
3. Listing on the Yang Family 16 Form Qualified Instructor Registry on-line.

(Candidates may re-test within a year at an authorized center for a $100.00 additional fee if they do not pass any or all parts of their initial examination.)

Can I take the Part II exam without enrolling in Part I?

Experienced Tai Chi practitioners can apply for Part II examination at authorized centers by providing references and/or documentation of sufficient training which satisfies the requirement of 40 hour minimum with equal weight to all four areas of the QICP curriculum. Part II examinations will not be offered until after July 12, 2014.

Will QICP Part I and II be available after the 2014 Symposium?

Yes, following the Symposium, QICP Part I applications can be submitted for a $50.00 fee. (This fee includes the $30.00 application and the $20.00 official credit ledger.) QICP classes will be offered $20.00 USD/credit hour at authorized locations where a certified Yang Family Academy Teacher is offering classes. The total minimum cost for the Part I course is $800.00 USD/40 credits with additional study option at $20.00/credit hour. Please note the 40 credit Part I minimum is payable in $20.00/ hour increments when the QICP candidate enrolls in classes eligible for credit toward QICP. The $800.00 total is not an initial fee to enter the program but represents a “pay as you go” fee for QICP classes. Candidates may transfer credits earned previous to their application date if the credits are earned from an Academy Teacher or at an official Yang Family Tai Chi seminar or Symposium.

QICP Part II will be offered at the same authorized locations for $200.00.

What is the benefit of enrolling in QICP at the 2014 Symposium?

There are many! You have the opportunity to be one of the first graduates of QICP. You will have the advantage of earning credit hours in the culturally diverse, vibrant and enriched study environment of the Symposium alongside equally dedicated colleagues. It also saves you money to earn your minimum 40 credit hours at the Symposium, in addition to your Symposium tuition, you pay only $120.00 for QICP Part I.

QICP Credits during regular Symposium Sessions

You can download the table ->  QICP Credits at Symposium.