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(10 Movement Tai Chi Training Methods).

This DVD shows each of the grandmasters demonstrating the 10 Movement Tai-Chi Kung Form, following the theme of “Tai-Chi Kung: Tai Chi Training Methods.” The DVD will capture each of the grandmasters teaching essential postures and skill-building exercises unique to the methods of training conducted within his family style of Tai Chi Chuan. This DVD will be a valuable resource for all attendees who want to practice the 10 Movement Tai-Chi Kung Form of each of the Tai Chi Chuan styles after they return home. This instructional and demonstration DVD is approximately 4:50 in length (2 discs).

NOTE WELL: Although the forms are shown and named, the teaching section contains only the first 30 minutes of teaching per grandmaster, which is not enough for his whole form.

View the preview here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq5vLWFUts0

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